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"Between the time-tested course of study, the high amount of individual attention students receive, and the intimate environment for the creation of art, this is certainly a school where students can learn to master a classical tradition".
— Austin R. Williams, American Artist Magazine


NYK Academy studioThe NYK Academy is the new name for the school founded in 2002 by Andrea J. Smith and Judy Kudlow known as the Harlem Studio of Art.

That curriculum is now taught at two locations, the NYK Academy in New York City and the Atelier Canova in Rome, Italy. Judy Kudlow is the Director of the NYK Academy, and Andrea J. Smith is the Director of Atelier Canova.

The philosophy and curriculum of the two schools are derived from the same source and are similar.




The NYK Academy is located in a loft building at 508 East 117th Street in Spanish Harlem, a few blocks from the 116th street subway stop, and there is ample free parking on the surrounding streets. It is well-lit by north-facing windows and two skylights. The space is comfortable and well-equipped.

NYK Academy building     NYK Academy garden



Students work individually on their projects with one-on-one daily instruction from Ms. Kudlow. Enrollment is, therefore, on an on-going basis, year round. Classes generally meet every day from 1:00 to 4:00, but students may design their own schedule as needed.

Tuition is $350 per month, and scholarships are available.

Students wishing to enroll should contact Ms. Kudlow at 917-492-1923.

NYK Academy studio     NYK Academy studio